Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dress code?

We invite you to take this opportunity to dress up! There is no set dress code, however you will be treated to a gourmet dining experience in a beautiful setting so we welcome you to dress the part!

Is there plenty of parking available?

Yes! We have lots of room for parking and it's close to the event tent.

When should I arrive?

The evening begins at 4:30 with hors d'oeuvres and beverages before the 5pm start to the Calcutta!

What is a Calcutta?

A Calcutta is an open auction where the dinner guests and audience will have a chance to bid on the horse they think will win the class!

Horses will be scheduled for their 10 minute warm-up in groups of 5 or 6. They will each have the chance to jump two jumps to show off their stuff and an auctioneer will seek bids on them. There is one winner per horse.

What's in it for the dinner guest? You'll have the chance to be engaged in the show by "owning" one of the horses in the class. Cheer loud! It really does make a difference! The successful bidder on the horses who place top three in the evening's class will get to split the total bids with the charity!

After the class, the winners will be asked to pose for a picture with their winning horse and rider combination. You will receive framed prints of the picture after the show!

What's in it for the Charity? The charity gets half the pot - this is an easy way for guests to give to the cause!

Are there options for food if I don't buy a dinner ticket?

Yes, we will have a food truck available on site for those who want to watch the show but are not interested in purchasing dinner tickets. Proceeds from the food truck do not go to the charity.