The concept is simple... take a community that is known for its ability to pull together and give them a cause.

The event started in 2014 with the goal of creating a locally supported fundraising initiative that would bring together the equestrian community in support of a charitable cause. Opening up the event to the public and showcasing the sport of show jumping were natural extensions to the idea, helping to promote the charity and give guests a truly memorable evening.

Here's why it works...

Riders don't often get the chance to compete for big prize money or to ride to their favourite song in front of an audience that is cheering them on. And it's not every day that people get a chance to enjoy a locally catered dinner under a tent, overlooking a live sporting event. Add in the fact that all proceeds go to a great cause and you have yourself a truly entertaining and engaging evening.

Join us for an event you are sure to be talking about for a long time!

This year's event is JUNE 13th!