Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Calcutta?

A Calcutta is an open auction where the dinner guests and audience will have a chance to bid on your horse to win the class! This is an optional chance for riders to get into the ring ahead of the class and warm up over two of the jumps on course. Meanwhile, an auctioneer will be seeking bids on your horse from the dinner guests!

What's in it for the rider? You'll have the chance for a 10 minute warm up in the ring and the opportunity to jump two of the fences on course. And...there is no extra charge for this warm up! All you have to do is declare your horse on your entry form and send us a few words about your horse's accomplishments. This will help to drive up the bids on your horse! The top 3 riders will be asked to pose for a picture with their winning bidders. A framed copy of the picture will be provided to you after the show!

What's in it for the Charity? The successful bidders on the top 3 horses will split the pot with the charity - this is an easy way for riders to give to the cause!

Horses will be scheduled for their 10 minute warm-up in groups of 5 or 6. You will be able to flat in the ring and will be called one at a time to jump the two fences. This will allow you to show your horse the jumps and it showcases your horse for the bidders! The auctioneer will seek bids on each horse from the audience and the person who "wins" your horse in the Calcutta will be cheering you on all the way through the evening's class!

Can I show if I am a professional?

Yes! The name of the game is fun so we encourage all riders to enter! Multiple entries are also welcome.

What kind of class is it?

Stay tuned for updates on the 2020 format!

Are stalls available?

We do have a limited number of stalls available at no charge. Please email us after you have registered to confirm your stall. We are happy to host your horse while you join the audience in the tent after the class.

Is there food available for the riders?

We will have an on-site BBQ for riders so that you can spend some time enjoying a meal between the Calcutta and the class.

Each rider will receive two drink tickets and there is a bar in the VIP tent where riders are definitely welcome during the event. After the show, we invite you to the tent to enjoy the gourmet dessert table and silent auction.

Is there sufficient trailer parking?

We have two large areas that we use for parking the horse trailers for this event. There is plenty of room and the property is easy to navigate with a larger trailer.

What is the dress code for riders?

Show attire is required. Whites and braids are optional. We will have a photographer on site and pictures will be posted to our Facebook site after the event.

What else do I need to know?

Your entry to this show is part of a much bigger event and the riders are the stars! We appreciate your efforts in turning out your horses in the best manner possible.

Because this is a charity event, there are some scheduling differences from other shows. For example, we will have a welcome speech from Vector and speeches from the charitable organization and the family of the person who is being honoured (if applicable). We greatly appreciate your patience with this and try our best to stay right on schedule.

The Calcutta will take about an hour. We encourage you to take part in the on-site BBQ or join the audience in the tent when you have "down time" between your Calcutta time slot and the class.

We also create print materials so that the audience knows the order of go and can follow along with the show. For this reason, we ask for as few last minute changes as possible. We understand that this is not always within your control but appreciate any help you can give in this regard.

You can expect communication by email before the show to confirm details, including the set order of go. For coaches who are also riding or those with multiple entries, we will set the order to accommodate your need to warm up each of your entries.

Is there a rain date?

No... we will run the event rain or shine. The outdoor ring is an elevated surface and fares incredibly well in all weather. Rest assured the footing is great and the show will go on!